Special Opportunity Lodges

There are a small number of Lodges within the Mark Province of London which may be able to provide a relatively rapid progression to the Office of Worshipful Master, for Brethren who demonstrate application and commitment to the Mark Ceremony and Ritual.

These Lodges have been designated “Special Opportunity Lodges”.

Such Lodges may be of particular interest to Brethren Advanced in to Lodges where progression to the Office of Worshipful Master may take an especially long time or may, because of membership numbers, simply not be possible at all.


MBF Walk – Saturday 6 May 2017

The Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF) is very proud to have raised and donated over £19m to worthy causes since its inception over 150 years ago. The Fund today continues to support worthwhile charitable aims and its current focus is to support the Hope for Tomorrow cancer charity in raising £2.6m for the purchase of ten mobile chemotherapy units.

Following the success of the Mark Province of London 2014 Bridges Walk (which alone raised £30k), an all Provinces’ Walk is now taking place on Saturday 6 May. It will start at Mark Masons’ Hall and then follow the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk (around 8 miles), returning to where it started.

Burns Night January 20 - 22nd January 2017. A Great way to celebrate with old and new friends alike. Now near capacity - just a few places remaining....

One of the highlights of the Provincial calendar is always the Burns Night Weekend, which takes place in the magnificent Highcliff Marriott Hotel in Bournemouth. The hotel is set on a dramatic cliff top seafront location, and features an indoor pool, sauna and fitness studio. It’s 5 minutes from the town centre.

This is one of the most prestigious Social Events that we celebrate. It's an exceptionally good way to have a weekend of fun and entertainment whilst meeting old and new friends alike.

PGM Writes October 2016

Brethren I do hope that you and your families have had a most enjoyable summer and I look forward to seeing you in your Lodges over the next few months. Now a few updates for you:-

Our re-branded Minibus Appeal which is now called the


Is going from strength to strength. I am delighted to say that in the last 6 weeks, 15 members and 14 Lodges have attained either their first MBF honorific or an upgrade to a higher level. In the case of Lodges, 14 more Mark Lodges have achieved the Platinum Award (the AXE) and 4 of our RAM Lodges have achieved the Mini Axe award. This means that 50 Lodges are now proud owners of the Axe. Once again many thanks to you all for your great generosity and another special mention to our Axe man Charlie Newman, who is happy to continue supplying the Axes. He tells me that he does have enough sustainable hard wood in stock to produce an Axe for every Lodge in the Province!


Hope for Tomorrow CD Now on Sale

The Hope for Tomorrow CD was released (escaped!) on 14th July and enjoyed a very good reception. From the responses we have received, it seems to be going down well and contains a little bit of something for everyone.
There will be ample opportunity during the coming months to purchase one of these, as Chris & some fine, upstanding volunteers will be visiting Lodges on Delegations and will have them for sale on the night.

For only £10 you will receive a CD put together by members of this wonderful degree (including our new DPGM!!) and also be able to listen to a very talented young lady who is just making her start into the music business - all for your listening pleasure.


The New 500 Club has given £1,600.00 to the winners and £1,600.00 to local London Charities.

The PGM and his Provincial Charity Stewards made a great start in revitalising the 500 Club Draw at this year’s Provincial Grand Lodge banquet but we would like very much to improve on that during the coming year in. As you may be aware the 500 Club has been giving away great cash prizes- up to £1000, since 1999 while at the same time generating cash to support a number of local charities on a 50/50 basis.

Participation is open to all individuals and Lodges or even both for only £12 per year per number.

If you would like to hear more about this interesting and exciting Charity please drop Kurly Howells an email on kurly@kurly.co.uk. He will visit your Lodge and give an interesting and entertaining talk.

Roll of Honour. Mobile Chemotherapy Bus Appeal

The minibus appeal has supplied 6 mini buses for RMBI Homes and no more are needed.

As so many Lodges have indicated that they would like the appeal to continue to give them the chance of reaching the Platinum level and receiving an Axe, it has been decided to let the Appeal continue and all monies donated will go to the Mobile Chemotherapy Bus Appeal.

Check out the attached Roll of Honour and see if your name is there.

Check out the Lodge Roll of Honour and see the Lodges that have attained awards.

The Bronze award is £25.00 per member, Silver award £50.00, Gold award £75.00, Platinum award £100.00 per member.

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