Support Group for London Mark Lodges from the London Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge.

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Some years ago as part of its continuing and evolving support for the Province, the London Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge (LMPGSL) established, from within its members, a very successful support group which offered assistance to London Lodges with two prime aims, which were to:-

(1) Provide Advancement Ceremony Support for Individual Offices
To provide support to London Mark Lodges by fielding Officers in Advancement Ceremonies, where a Lodge has a candidate but not a full complement of Officers to work the Mark Degree.

(2) Regular Lodge Meeting- Demonstration of Advancement Ceremony
To Demonstrate the Advancement Ceremony to a London Lodge, either when it has no Candidate or when a Lodge requires an element of instruction to be provided for inexperienced Members. It is expected that when members of LMPGSL are called upon to deliver a Demonstration, the Lodge will endeavour to structure and promote the evening as a special event. A good turnout of its members will be expected, especially inexperienced Officers as the Demonstration should not simply be regarded as a "fill in" when there is no Candidate or for "entertainment" purposes. Rather it should be seized upon as an opportunity for instruction and the communication of best practice.

The LMPGSL believes that it is most important that a candidate should receive the best possible introduction to our wonderful order. Therefore, if any lodge wishes to avail themselves of our services the following criteria applies.
Advancement Ceremony Support for Individual Offices:-

At least 14 Calendar Days before the meeting date email Edoardo El-Attrache and Alan Wakeford with details of which offices are required.

If 14 Calendar days notice cannot be given, then at least 7 Calendar Days before the meeting telephone Edoardo on 07921 438035 or Alan on 01202 873478. Leave message on answer machine if both are out.

Demonstration of Advancement Ceremony
31 Calendar days before the meeting date email both Edoardo and Alan as above.

It is unlikely that LMPGSL will be able to assemble a full Demonstration Team at less than one month's notice.
In recent months the LMPGSL have also had members from the GMLOI assist them and we would like to give the opportunity to any other “Ritualist" in the Province to join us. Simply email Edoardo and Alan with Name – Contact Details and which offices you can fill and we will include you on our Data-base.

We are hopeful that London Lodges will continue to take advantage of this “service” which is on offer to enhance the Advancement of Candidates into the Mark Degree. The group is made up of highly committed and experienced Mark Masons. They will be only too pleased to work with Lodges to improve the overall experience of Candidates, increase the enjoyment of existing Members and benefit the whole of London Mark Masonry in general.

For more information please contact Edoardo El-Attrache or Alan Wakeford.