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MBF Walk – Saturday 6 May 2017

Special Message and Updated Appeal on behalf of Ashbolt’s Amblers.

Well, what a day we all had, the weather was perfect for an 8 mile walk, we were all given high vis jackets so we wouldn't get lost, we met lots and lots of old friends and made a pile of new ones.

The money raised from the walk has been amazing, we will reach one third of a million pounds in the next day or so and LONDON has raised almost £57,000.00. A massive thank you to all Lodges, Brethren and everyone who supported ASHBOLT's Amblers. A really big thank you to all from The London Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge who kept everyone or the right path during the walk, Police did not have to be called out to transport lost Brethren home.

The photo shows the walkers Henry Hobson APGM, Mark Corcoran LPGSL, Chris Caine from the RMBI, David Ashbolt PGM, Sally Sturt standing in for Jerry Gangadeen APGM, Cliff Sturt APGM, Tim MacAndrews APGM and Winnie and Alan White Provincial Grand Secretary standing in for Tom Quinn DPGM who was representing the PGM at another event.

The appeal will remain open for a short time should anyone still wish to contribute, click on the link below.

Grand Masters LOI Annual Festival Northampton Tuesday 25th April 2017

You are cordially invited to attend and support the Grand Masters LOI Festival to be held at Freemasons Hall Northampton on Tuesday 25th April at 3.30pm. R. W. Bro. David Ashbolt will be in attendance in his capacity as the Immediate Past Master. To facilitate transport this Province will be laying on a coach, Waterloo Station to and from Northampton departing at 1pm and returning for 11pm.



Ruspini Lodge of Mark Master Masons is named after Chevalier Bartholomew Ruspini who, together with others on 25 March 1788 founded a charitable institution for maintaining, clothing and educating the female children of indigent Freemasons. In 1788 Ruspini took a tenancy on a house in Somers Place East for the purposes of housing and educating girls. This laid the foundation for the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls which went onto become the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

When the Girls and Boys Institutions created the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, now the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys in the 1980’s it was agreed that membership of the Lodge should be opened up to all those who were or had been Trustees of the charity. This qualification has since been relaxed to include those who have a connection with the charity.

On 1 April 2016 the RMTGB will consolidate its activities with the other central Masonic charities (CMCs) to form the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) and the members of Ruspini Lodge have now agreed to widen its membership to include current Trustees of the new Foundation, together with past Trustees and those associated with the existing CMCs.

In June 2016 the Lodge will be pleased to welcome the Chairman and Treasurer of MCF as new members and anyone with an appropriate connection to the Masonic charities is invited to contact the Secretary of the Lodge, Bro Les Hutchinson should they be interested in joining this long established and prestigious Lodge with close ties to the origins of Masonic charity.


Hope for Tomorrow CD Now on Sale

The Hope for Tomorrow CD was released (escaped!) on 14th July and enjoyed a very good reception. From the responses we have received, it seems to be going down well and contains a little bit of something for everyone.
There will be ample opportunity during the coming months to purchase one of these, as Chris & some fine, upstanding volunteers will be visiting Lodges on Delegations and will have them for sale on the night.


The New 500 Club has given £1,600.00 to the winners and £1,600.00 to local London Charities.

The PGM and his Provincial Charity Stewards made a great start in revitalising the 500 Club Draw at this year’s Provincial Grand Lodge banquet but we would like very much to improve on that during the coming year in. As you may be aware the 500 Club has been giving away great cash prizes- up to £1000, since 1999 while at the same time generating cash to support a number of local charities on a 50/50 basis.

Active Charity - Guild of Freemen

Not All Light Is From Above

This ‘light’ was given by the Provincial Grand Master David Ashbolt when he presented a Christmas gift of a Smart Tablet to Ginny Wartin on behalf of the Province and Guild Of Freemen Mark Lodge.

Ginny was born unable to see and in spite of her blindness has led a full and inspirational life bringing up a family and working in a bank until retirement. It was only then that she found herself really ‘in the dark’ when everyone else was making use of the internet.

A little investigation found that the RNIB have developed special software on a Samsung Smart Tablet which enables blind and partially sighted people to access the internet and use all of the information and facilities that most of us take for granted.

Whilst we as Masons give freely and are used to seeing large donations to national campaigns and charities, it is equally rewarding to support smaller local initiatives where our benevolent funds make an immediate and real impact to worthy peoples everyday lives.

This came as a complete surprise to Ginny who was overwhelmed by the gift. The definition of Benevolence is “an act of kindness” and it was most humbling that the funds required were forthcoming without ‘evasion or equivocation’ and thanks to the generosity of London Mark Master Masons, Ginny is no longer ‘in the dark’.

The Italia Job - A Hair-Raising Experience 16th April (Click here to open)

On 16th April at the Bon Accord TI Mark Lodge meeting at MMH, W Bro Edoardo El Attrache will be having his head and beard shaved!! He is doing this to raise money for the PGM's Mini-bus Appeal. If you would like to attend/dine you will need to book in with Shane Whelan on

The Shavee, - W Bro Edoardo - is a long time member and Secretary of Italia Lodge and is currently an active ProvAGDC and is a well known character throughout the Province. He has his own Just Giving Page for on-line donations which, if you would like to contribute to, is easily accessible.

The Shaver, W Bro Attilio Grandani is another well known face on the Provincial circuit and he is hosting a lecture on Alfred Hitchcock at the West London Masonic Centre on 30th May - details also on the website.



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