Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

A “barn-storming” meeting of Hibernia Lodge on 21 November, 2019

Thursday will be a day, long remembered in the annals of the Hibernia Lodge No 431. The WM, Steve Roberts, gave an exemplary performance (there’s no other word for it!) of the Advancement Ceremony, under the watchful eye of the Preceptor of the Grand Master’s Lodges of Instruction – aka the PGM for London. By the end of the ceremony, there was no doubt in anyone’s minds that this had been a perfect Advancement – made all the more special by the fact that there were 9 candidates. The PGM announced, to the delight of all present, that this was well and truly worthy of the Silver Pin. In his announcement, Tom also congratulated the Officers of the Lodge who had quite obviously worked hard in rehearsal and at home with their books to produce quality ritual and ceremony, which ensured that the candidates received the best of experiences right at the start of their Mark careers. The PGM made particular reference to the way in which the Lodge DC, Phil Elder, had “stage managed” the ceremony to ensure that the WM was focused on the representative candidate so as not to detract from the exact words and ceremony of the Ritual but at the same time ensuring that the others were still involved as much as possible, especially in the ‘business’ at the SW Wicket. A truly enjoyable event, topped off by a happy and excellent dinner at the In & Out Club. Steve will receive his Silver Pin at the Provincial Meeting on 9th July.

The afternoon had earlier got off to an excellent start when Bro. Julian Trought, Commander Elect of Hibernia R.A.M. Lodge, was installed into the Chair of Commander Noah by the PGM. Julian then proceeded to invest his full team of Officers in exemplary fashion.

Overall an excellent day’s work on everyone’s part. R.A.M. and Mark Masonry at its very best!

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