Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

A Great Evening at Mallet & Chisel No.5 for DPGM Tom Quinn & his Delegation

We were treated to an excellent afternoon of Ritual and Happiness when the Mallet and Chisel team elevated a new Royal Ark Mariner (Bro Nicholas Robinson) and the Installation into the Chair in Mark of W Bro Michael Fahey. The welcome given to VW Bro Tom Quinn, DepPGM and his delegation was very warm and genuine. We were further graced with the presence of RW Bro David Ashbolt, PGM, and his, strangely relaxed, DC, W Bro Wes Holland, who were there in a different capacity to present three MBF awards to members of the Lodge. W Bro Mike Fahey, and Bros Terry Hall and Alan Perry, for their fabulous contributions to the success of the Golf Challenge day.
An excellent first outing for W Bro Oliver Coddington as Escorting Officer, and the afternoon was put together by V W Bro Peter Ribi, the Lodge DC who was brilliant as always. A most enjoyable Festive Board was then enjoyed by some 29 diners and at the close we all went on our way having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you all for a great evening.


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