Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

A warm welcome from our PGM

Dear Brethren of the Mark Province of London,


To those of you still to go off and have your summer break, I send best wishes and my hopes that you will find good weather, good company and have an enjoyable time. For many of us however, September heralds the end of the holiday season and a return to labour – hopefully enjoyable work- on behalf of our Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges.


I would like to mention straight away, once again, my grateful thanks to all who supported so well, the Annual Meeting in Freemasons’ Hall on 11th July. The number of you who attended in Grand Temple and who dined in the Connaught Rooms was indeed gratifying and at the same time humbling. On behalf of myself and my new Executive Team, please accept our thanks for all the hard work put in by so many during last year. I am sure, like me, you are keen to see the new Season get fully underway so that we can begin again to enjoy the many aspects of London Mark Masonry which keep us all so busy and from which I know so many of you derive significant satisfaction.


The first large-scale official Provincial event is of course the Royal Ark Mariner Provincial Assemblage on 9th September. This takes place within the Meeting of the Installed Commanders’ Lodge – but you don’t have to be an Installed Master to attend. All R.A.M. Brethren are welcome. Contact the Lodge Secretary or myself if you would like to attend the meeting to see your friends receive their Provincial collarets.


We are now in ‘open season’ for Delegations – so if you are a Provincial Officer and not yet signed up to attend any of the Executive’s Official Visits, I would urge you to apply through the Provincial Grand Secretary.  As usual, full details are available on the website – for this and a whole host of other formal and social events. Have a look at the website frequently to stay up to date or apply to be added to the Province’s Facebook Group page. I certainly have enjoyed keeping in touch over the recess, through the members’ posts on Facebook but now I am looking forward to some face-to-face experiences when we can get together again at Mark Masons’ Hall and elsewhere.


Mark Well brethren.

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