Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

APGM Tim MacAndrews and his Delegation visit MacDonald Mark on 29th January 2019

What a celebration of Mark Masonry we were treated to. In a practically flawless ceremony (and I’m being picky!) the latest Advancee to swell the Ranks of this lovely Lodge was brought into Mark Masonry by the stand-in Worshipful Master who was only able to have a couple of weeks notice of the incumbent Master’s being unable to attend. What a brilliant job he did. Perhaps as he was, last year, awarded one of the coveted Silver Pin Awards for the Perfect Ceremony, might have gone some way to helping? He was ably supported by his officers, including the stand-in Senior Deacon – one Tom Quinn – Deputy PGM! who, it must be said, was pretty darn good. The Provincial Executive, who had been meeting that afternoon, attended both the meeting and the dining and comprised David Ashbolt (PGM), Tom Quinn (DPGM), Tim MacAndrews (APGM and Official Visitor), David Lucas (APGM), Wes Hollands (ProvGDC), David James (ProvGSW) Chris James (ProvGJW), Alan White (ProvGSec) and Derrick Silver (ProvGReg)

The dining was at Davy’s due to the on-going problems at MMH which, thankfully, should all be finished by the 11th February. A very nice meal and convivial company was enjoyed by all.  Thank you everyone for such a memorable occasion.

For more information on the Silver Pin Award just visit, leave a contact message and we’ll get back to you.

Photos by Hiko

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