Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

David James, Prov GJW and a 13 strong Delegation visit Italia Lodge on 13 06 16

W Bro David James, ProvGJW accompanied by a Delegation of 13 Provincial Officers attended what was (for now, anyway) David’s final visit as ProvGJW. It could not have been better as the Lodge were Advancing 5 new members. After David chatted for a while in Italian, the Ceremony was delivered in fine form by the Venerabile Maestro – W Bro Davide with some great assistance and support from his Officers. Three Grand Lodge Certificates were presented by David with style and humour with an excellent translation as we went through the presentation.
A wonderful Carvery Meal followed Italia, Molo Bene e Mille Grazie mi Fratelli

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