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Ghana children say thank you to the MBF for their new motorbike

A new motorbike has been awarded by the MBF to a UK charity led by a London Mark Mason.

Lovey Foundation UK is a UK registered charity which provides access to full-time education in remote areas of NE Ghana to about 100 children per year. All of Lovey’s funds are raised in the UK and all of the money is spent in NE Ghana.

In March 2023 Lovey applied for a grant from the MBF for funding for a new motorbike. The application took an unusually long time due to the MBF in London needing to get approval from the District Grand Lodge of Ghana, but the funding was finally awarded in November.

Lovey is chaired by W. Bro. Daniel Valentine of University of London Mark Lodge No.1389, who commented:
“When I took over as Chair of Lovey Foundation in March 2023, there was a longstanding request (of ten years) from our Ghana team for a motorbike to assist them in travelling on the dirt roads of rural Ghana. Thanks to the MBF, our Ghana team can now make many more visits to schools and families to ensure that Lovey scholars are progressing in their studies. Education is considered to be very precious in Ghana, and the 100 or so children that we sponsor each year take their studies very seriously. Lovey is dedicated to getting good value from the money which it raises; Lovey employs no staff, 100% of our work is done by volunteers and this means that for every pound we receive, 95p goes to our work in Ghana. Every donation helps us. £6 pays for a school satchel, £10 pays for a pair of sandals, £25 pays for a school uniform and £65 pays for one child to be equipped for full-time education for a full year. We would be delighted if Mark Masons continued their support of us by making a donation. You can support us by donating at the link below. We would like to thank the MBF and every Lodge that has donated to the MBF. Your contributions really do make a difference.”

If you would like to donate to Lovey, please visit

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