Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Guild of Freemen No 647 Centenary Meeting 28th November 2013

Over 90 Mark Master Masons attended the celebration of the Guild of Freemen Lodge of Mark Master Masons Centenary at Freemasons Hall on 28th November 2013

The meeting was honoured by the presence of the Assistant Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master of London and their associated delegations.

The Assistant Grand Master graciously addresses the meeting and subsequently presented the Lodge with their Centenary Warrant.

During the meeting the Officers of the Lodge and the Worshipful Commander of The Royal Ark Mariners Lodge of the Guild of Freemen recited portions of the Lodge’s 100 year history, taken from the book authored by W Bro Paul Calderwood ‘The Guild of Freemen Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 647 The First 100 years 1913 – 2013’, a copy of which was issued to all brethren attending the meeting.

In a show of appreciation and gratitude for researching and authoring the book, the Lodge presented W Bro Paul Calderwood with an inscribed letter opener.

After the meeting the Centenary celebrations continued in full flow, with a festive board held at the Kingsway Hall Hotel and discussions turned to The Guild of Freemen Lodge of Mark Master Masons next 100 years.

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