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“Happy Snaps” – photo competition

Keeping your spirits up

Free to enter, fun to take part in.

During these rather trying times we would like to bring to your notice an absolutely free and fun competition which may assist in keeping your spirits up!
We’d like you to send us digital prints of anything you have photographed during the past six months – whether it be a landscape, person, pet, inanimate object or just a beautiful view of your garden. In fact, anything which could bring joy to those many members who are feeling the strain of self-isolation.
Pick just one or two of your favourite pics and email them to; maybe a humorous one and a “regular” one as well.
We will select, from those submitted, the one which will be featured in the next edition of the London Mallet. The winning submission will win the Brother who sent it a bottle of Whisk(e)y which will be sent by post within a week of the next issue.
Why not take part? It only takes a little time to send us an email giving your name, and address and your Lodge name attaching the photos. It is intended to make this a regular feature. Please remember that if you use someone else’s image, you do need to have their permission to do so.

All competition entries to be received not later than 31 May, 2020

This competition is open to all members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of MMM of London.

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