Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

John Ellis

John was born in Tottenham in North London in 1959 and, yes, has been a lifelong supporter ever since (painful sometimes!)

He was raised and educated in Edmonton North London and went to Edmonton County Lower and Upper Schools 

John then served a five year tool-making Apprenticeship with Enfield Rolling Mills in Brimsdown, obtaining HNC certification with Turnford Technical Collage 

Shortly thereafter John married Rita in 1980 and moved into the family business of re-furnishing classic car engines and took over control in 1990 to date (semi-retired now).

Through the engine connection, John ran a professional Drag Racing Team and drove himself from 1999 – 2004 (after lots of practice)!  

His time is now divided between living in Enfield (North London) and Spain, and trying to fit in lots of Freemasonry of course! Amongst the many lodges John is a member of is 1124, St John’s Wood where he was Advanced in 1992. John has been ProvGInspWks for some time and has proved invaluable to the Province.

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