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London Mark Provincial Grand Officers Mess at the Union Jack Club 13th April 2018

On Friday the 13th April the Provincial Grand Officers gathered at the Union Jack Club to attend their bi-annual mess (knees up). As usual there was a guest speaker and on this occasion it was our own W. Bro. David Nunn who was up until recently a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Guys and St Thomas’s. W. Bro. David started his presentation by making a pointed reference to the fact that he was now retired and though he was more than willing to answer any questions afterwards any advice of a personal nature would be entirely commensurate with any remuneration received. W. Bro David then proceeded to give us a most fascinating and informative talk on the science behind the surgical technics used now and in the past to replace hips and knee joints. This was so well received by the Brethren present that although David overran his time slot by about 10 minutes nobody objected, in fact they indicated that they would quite happily have listened for another half hour or so.

The Brethren then turned their attention to the festive board which was up to the usual high standard expected from the Union Jack Club. During the meal the customary raffle was held.

At the end of the meal the P.G.M. RW. Bro. David Ashbolt addressed the Brethren and could not resist the opportunity of donning his recruiting sergeants’ hat to ask if there were any ex scouts or cubs present who would be willing to be founder members of the proposed Ralph Reader lodge and by mere coincidence happened to have about his person some application forms.

The evening was rounded off by our mess president RW. Bro. Eddie Goodwin who thanked us all for attending and especially our guest speaker. The Brethren then departed convinced that although it was Friday the 13th it was only unlucky for those who were for whatever reason unable to be there to enjoy this splendid evening.

Richard Veness

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