Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

London Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge members give assistance in an Advancement Ceremony (Click here to open)

King Solomon’s Lodge requested assistance from the London Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge for an Advancement ceremony.

The team from the LPGSL from left to right were W. Bros Alan Underhill, Chaplain and IPM. W. Bro. Robbie Nasmith, Senior Deacon. W. Bro. Henry Hobson Senior Overseer. W. Bro. Attilio Grandani, Junior Overseer and W. Bro. David James DC.

The WM Russell Stephenson plus all the rest of the Lodge members and the team from the London Provincial Grand Stewards team put on a very special Advancement ceremony for Bro. Andy Chapman who in the photo is wearing his late fathers Jewel and wanted to return to the quarries to prepare further work.

Dear Henry, Robbie, Alan, Attilio & David

I felt it would be very ungracious of me if I did not express the Lodge’s heartfelt gratitude for the exemplary assistance you each gave us last Thursday for the Advancement of Bro Andy Chapman.

The Master has said to me in an email “…splendid Meeting last Thursday – Masonry at its best!”, Andy has been most vociferous on Facebook about the welcome he got and how much he enjoyed it all (with many other London Mark Masons responding to him), and each & every member I have spoken or heard from by email was equally as enthusiastic in their praise and appreciation of your help.

Whilst it may not be the only time we call upon London Mark Provincial Stewards’ Lodge for assistance; you can rest assured that all of you will always be welcome as visitors at any time!

Thank you all, again.

With kindest S&F regards

M Pinfield PGStwd, PProvGMO, RAMGR
King Solomon 385 Mark/RAM

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