Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Members of The London Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge and a Brother from another Constitution give assistance when called on.

Panmure Lodge No 139 asked for and received assistance from 5 members of The London Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge when many Lodge members could not make up the minimum numbers for the Installation meeting and dining. A request was sent out from the Secretary W. Bro. Kevin Murphy to the Secretary of the LMPGSL on Monday and on Thursday the Lodge met with 10 Mark Master Masons and dined with 12.

The new WM W. Bro. Andrew Trueman received an excellent Installation by W. Bro. Mervyn Shiwoku assisted by none other than W. Bro. Tom Quinn DPGM, W. Bro. Henry Hobson APGM, W. Bro. Trevor Gray all from the LMPGSL and Bro. Jeremy Beech a Mark Master Mason from the Scottish Constitution, this was Jeremy’s first regular meeting in a Mark Lodge in England, the only other times he has experienced the Mark Degree in England was when W. Bro’s Henry Hobson and Tim MacAndrews were made APGM’s at the annual meeting in July 2014 and July 2016. Many of you will recognize Jeremy, he is a Metropolitan Grand Inspector, he is also a Preceptor of the Acacia LOI where Mervyn is a regular attender. As soon as he heard that Panmure and Mervyn needed numbers he immediately volunteered.

At the festive board we were joined by W. Bro. Edoardo El-Attrache and W. Bro. Mark Woolcott both of whom were at other meetings, heard the call and acted upon it, this brought the dining numbers up to 12, the minimum number for dining at MMH is 10.

An excellent evening was had by all present.

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