Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

More MBF collarettes awarded

Monday 30 January saw a further celebration and recognition of London Mark Members’ generosity towards the Mark Benevolent Fund, when the second of our special presentation and dinner evenings was held at Mark Masons’ Hall. Fourteen brethren were presented with 5 Vice-Patron and 9 Patron collarettes – which also qualified each of them to receive their Festival Steward’s breast jewel. One of the newest recruits to Mark Masonry, Bro. Carl Fazakerley (who incidentally was Advanced into Loyalty Lodge No. 1989 only last June, on the eve of his birthday!) was amongst those presented with his Vice-Patron collarette. There is an extra photo of him in his formal St John’s Ambulance uniform as he is an active member of that organisation.

The presentations were all made by the evening’s guest of honour, Mrs Linda Read, who is the MBF Charities Finance Manager. Linda was treated right royally for gracing the evening to carry out the ceremonials and in her own words she “… has never been bowed to by one man before – let alone 14!”.

The photographs depict some of the highlights of the evening which ended with a superb dinner served up by 86 St James.

The whole proceedings were of course conducted under the watchful gaze of R.W. Bro. David Ashbolt, London’s Past PGM and Deputy President of the MBF. David says thanks to all who contributed, with a special vote of thanks to W. Bro. Martin Vidler for organising the evening and arranging for the photographs. If there is anyone out there who would like to join this ever-growing group of MBF Patrons/Vice-Patrons, please contact him on vandavid474@andrew-armbristerbtinternet-com

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