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PGM Writes…

Dear Brethren All,
Following on from my ‘Welcome Back’ message at the beginning of our season, here is my first entry for the London Mallet. By the time this goes to press there will have been a number of Mark and RAM Lodge meetings and I hope the Brethren who have attended enjoyed these and are starting to get into the swing of things again after the summer break.

Firstly I must congratulate the Communications Team in producing yet another top class London Mallet.

I would like to make specific comment about one of our most recent Lodge meetings. London West Africa Lodge, which, like a few other of our units, has experienced difficulty in attracting candidates to inject new blood and enthusiasm into its membership. The Lodge had its regular meeting on Friday 13th September (I kid you not – Friday 13th!) and after the Installation of a new WM, closed promptly and then opened the doors to some 14 interested Craft brethren, who had been invited along to a well-advertised Awareness Event. Regular reviewers of our website and Facebook page MUST have been well aware of this event. If you were not aware, please let me know.
I am delighted to report that as a result of the presentation led by 3 of our APGMs (Dave, Wes & John) ably assisted by the ‘old guard’ (RW Bro. David Ashbolt) there has been a virtual 100% take-up of applications for Advancement into LWA and a couple of other Lodges. Remember Brethren, these Awareness Events are not just aimed at the host Lodge’s potential candidates but for any member of the Province to attend and bring along their own non-Mark guest(s). I make no apology for stressing that these Awareness Sessions have proved so successful over the past few months in attracting candidates that all of our Lodges of Special Opportunity in particular, and indeed any Lodge which is seeking to expand and improve its membership base, should consider hosting such an event. The Provincial Executive now has considerable experience of running these and all the necessary marketing material is available – ready to be taken off the shelf and adapted to any Lodge’s requirements. And as a further inducement, the Province will pay for the dinners of the non-Mark Brethren who stay to dine after the session!
Please do contact your Visiting Officer for more information or to set the ball rolling on your own Awareness Event.

In other areas of Provincial activity I’m pleased to report that the Burns Weekend (17 to 19 January at Bournemouth) is filling up nicely. If you want to be at the Province’s principal social function you need to move swiftly before it becomes a sell-out – again. There is also the End of Year Party on Friday 6th December. This will also be a fun evening so please get your bookings in for that in good time too. As usual full details are on the website and appear elsewhere in this month’s London Mallet magazine.

Before all that of course, is the 10th October lunchtime Mess Meeting with its very interesting and entertaining speaker. Full details are – yes, you’ve guessed correctly – on the website.
Also on the website you will find details of the two Consecrations coming up for the new “Locomotion” and “Rugby” Lodges. These are respectively on 31st October and 2nd November. You do not have to be a member of the Lodge to attend to witness these ceremonies; nor is dining afterwards compulsory.

Please try to support such of these social and Mark Masonry activities as may lie within your capabilities, Brethren. You are members of a vibrant and exciting Province and its continued success on all fronts is dependent on your support of as many functions as your time and circumstances will allow.

I look forward to seeing you around the Province. Mark Well Brethren.

PS. Did you spot my new Award for an Excellent Elevation Ceremony? The Olive Branch Pin. Come on all you budding Royal Ark Mariner Ritualists!

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