Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

ProvGJW David Lucas and Delegation visit to Pro Minimus Lodge on 1st March 2017

It was a very happy time at Pro Minimus on Wednesday when the new (Re-cycled) Worshipful Master was installed by W Br Michael Hillman in an excellent and very genuine ceremony. Despite there being some unavoidable absences some of the Delegation Members were pressed into action which they love!
An excellent meal followed and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Pro Minimus Lodge has been designated as a “Lodge of Special Opportunity” as described elsewhere on this Website Home page and, through this article, the PGM would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the message – that there are a few Lodges in our Province where extra support is needed – not just from new and aspiring Officers but from experienced Mark Masons too.

Becoming a Joining Member of one of these Lodges need not be regarded as a life time commitment and would certainly be viewed as support for the Province in general and the selected Lodge in particular. If you yourself are interested or if you know of a Brother in the happy position to be able to support another Unit, then please contact or ask him to contact, the relevant Lodge Secretary or the PGM/Deputy PGM

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