Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Provincial Grand Master David Ashbolt bravely meets the public just to fly the flag!!!

After a wonderful Installation Ceremony at University of London Lodge, our Kind-hearted, shy & retiring PGM was assailed on the very staircase of MMH by three young ladies who had obviously taken him to be a much younger version of Father Christmas!
As they were so persuasive and had obviously been lying in wait for him, our brave PGM allowed his photo to be taken with these ladies. As you can see from his expression he really was not enjoying himself at all. Nor was his associate, another David, who we think may have been the instigator of all this!

Actually the ladies are part of a singing chorale who had been attending one of the many meetings that evening.

There is a bottle of Champagne on offer for the best (in the opinion of the PGM) caption for any of these pictures.

Answers to before 1st January 2017

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