Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

APGM W. Bro. Cliff Sturt and a goodly number of Provincial Grand Officers paid a visit to a special opportunities lodge Woodard on Tuesday the 27th March.

On the 27th March W. Bro. Cliff Sturt paid his last official visit to Woodard Lodge accompanied by a rather large contingent of Provincial Grand Officers. After the usual items on the agenda at the start of the meeting a ballot was held for 3 joining members. The ballot being found in favour two of the joining members, W. Bro. Cliff Sturt and W. Bro. Attilio Grandani, stood and thanked the members for electing them. W. Bro. Cliff Sturt then reminded the brethren that as he was now a member he could no longer be their visiting officer. He however confirmed that he fully intended taking an active role in the working of the lodge, a sentiment which was echoed by W. Bro. Attilio Grandani.

The next item on the agenda was an Advancement ceremony which was carried out in an exemplary and a somewhat exuberant manner much to the delight of all those present.

After the usual group photo following the meeting the Brethren retired to the festive board where they were treated to a flying visit by the PGM RW. Bro David Ashbolt and the Prov. Grand D.C. W. Bro. Wes Hollands.

Richard Veness


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