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Three Men and a Dog recce the London Bridges Walk

Three men, V.W.Bro. Bill Divall DPGM, W. Bro. Tim MacAndrews, W.Bro. Henry Hobson and Winnie, Tim’s very well behaved dog met up on Sunday 2nd March and walked the seven mile London Bridge Walk to see if everything would work according to plan for the main event which will be on 27th July 2014.

We were fortunate with the weather, the day was nippy but dry. We met up at Potters Field, a large grassed area just South of Tower Bridge and began our walk around 11am, the views along the Thames were brilliant as can be seen from the photos. There were lots of very happy folk around walking, jogging and generally making the most out of the day. On the South bank nearing the London Eye the crowds were vast, we had to squeeze our way through the tourists.

The wobbly bridge didn’t budge no matter what we did to get it to move, the Shard was being photographed from every angle, the Eye was doing a roaring trade, the river was very busy with lots of boats moving tourists around, all the pubs were filling up at lunchtime.

The walk took around two and a half hours at a comfortable pace.

It’s now going to be up to all of us to get as many people interested in being part of this exciting walk on Sunday 27th July. Every participant will be given a bright yellow printed T shirt, a map and a bottle of water. The idea is to have a great day out, finishing off with a BBQ in a nearby pub garden and raising money for the Minibus Appeal.

You will be getting regular updates as we get nearer the day so keep watching this space.

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