Provincial Committees

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Comittee of General Purposes

All members of the Executive Committee 
Provincial Grand Almoner 
Chairman of the Care Committee 
Chairman of the Communications Committee 

Provincial Grand Charity Stewards 
Three elected Past Masters from Lodges in the Province 
President of the Provincial Grand Officers’ Mess

Trustees of the Provincial Benevolent Fund

Chairman: Richard Higginson (appointed)
Secretary: Harvey Roland (appointed)
Treasurer: Stephen Fenton (ex officio)
Members:  Brian Calcutt (elected), Richard Higginson (elected),  Hermant Vyas (elected) & Harvey Roland (elected) David Ashbolt (ex officio) & Tom Quinn (ex officio)       

Provincial Officers Mess

President: Eddie Goodwin
Chairman: Dennis Bradley
Treasurer: Krit Nathoo 
Secretary: Tim MacAndrews

Care and Welfare Committee

Provincial Grand Almoner: Gavin O'Sullivan
Assistant Provincial Grand Almoner: Peter Brindle
Chairman: Gavin O'Sullivan 
Secretary: Naill Corbet 
Members: Tony Miles

Commmunications Committee

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