Communications Committee


Chris James

Formerly Projects Manager in the Construction Industry. Has spent the past eight years working at Heathrow on some of the smaller projects and is now taking on new responsibilities as Commercial Manager for a small Electrical Contractor within the Airport environment. Married for 25 years to Fiona who works at the University of Reading. No kids, loads of wild birds, some manic squirrels and two brown trout in the stream in his back garden.
Initiated into Beaconsfield Lodge 2849 (Bucks) September 1989. Advanced into Henniker Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 315 in 1995 and Henniker RAM in 1996. Became W Commander in 2003 and W Master in 2005. Born in Edgware, lived in South Harrow until he was 22 years old when he moved to Woodley, in Berkshire. He now lives in Burghfield Common, Berkshire and became a local Parish Councillor in 2011 and also Editor of the Parish Council’s magazine.

Year Book Editor

Newsletter Editor

Henry Hobson

Most Brethren in the Province will know Henry, as for many years he was the Chairman of the Communications Committee and for a long time one of the Provincial photographers attending meetings and delegations, taking pictures at the end of proceedings for inclusion in the website and also the Year Book.

It was a role that Henry took on enthusiastically, and not surprisingly really considering his involvement with Snappy Snaps – the high street photographic printing specialists.

Website Administrator

Cliff Sturt

Cliff was born in South London but spent his teenage years in Somerset, before returning to London to read Physics at Imperial College. He graduated with a 2:1 and an Associateship of the Royal College of Science. Moving into the world of Intellectual Property, Cliff soon qualified as a Chartered Patent Agent (European Patent Attorney) and subsequently established his own Practice in central London.

Having programmed computers, during his time at Imperial, using punch cards; he moved on to writing office systems in machine specific assembler for the patents community (while taking the Law Exams !). Since then Cliff has worked his way through all sorts of programming languages and is now trying to tame this web site !