Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Paul Cutts

Paul was born and raised in Sutton, Surrey. He’s married to Sheila and they have 3 children (2 daughters and a son). Paul has worked all his life in South London, owning and running petrol stations, until his retirement in 1999/2000. Now he dabbles in property development.

Paul was initiated into Cyclist Filia Lodge (in Surrey) in 2001 and not long afterwards Advanced into the Mark Degree. In the Province of London, Paul is a member of Drury Lane 1228 (Mark and R.A.M.), and Pro Minimis 1160 (Mark and R.A.M.).

His hobbies are/were growing orchids (until the Beast from the East got them!), fishing (when there is any water in the rivers) and shooting (he’s an ex-international pistol shot and now an average rifle shot). But Freemasonry has now become the main use of his recreational time!

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